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Chloe Jacobs is an ordinary teenager preparing to study art at New York University when her world is shattered by the death of her parents in a car accident. When U.S. Marshals appear, Chloe finds she has secretly been part of the Witness Security Program her entire life.


Chloe risks constant and unknown danger as she secretly searches through her tangled family history to dig up the past kept buried from her. Chloe finds new friends and romance, but it’s her inner strength, determination, and hope that keeps her navigating her way. Every step she takes to get to the truth, the more dangerous her life becomes.


Who were Chloe’s parents, and whom can she trust? Will Chloe realize she is close to a killer before it’s too late?

When Chloe Jacobs made her first official Witness Security move becoming Caiden James, life was supposed to be perfect. However, her need to follow every lead to learn more about her buried past made it anything but that. Even with the protection of U.S. Marshal Christopher Chase, her secret obsession turns into a living nightmare.


With the rare chance to start over, Caiden begins her new life. Despite the fear that follows her around every day, she is determined to live on her own, even if creating relationships proves to be harder than she thought. She’s no longer probing into her past, but it comes looking for her and brings with it more hurt, deception, and danger than ever before. Discovering she is part of something bigger than she could ever imagine forces her to choose between hiding who she is, or choosing the world she ran from.