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More About Suzi

As a life-long reader and writer, it was only fitting that she followed her passion to become a writer. It’s what led her to earn her bachelor's degree in communications media with a focus on writing. Growing up, Katz wrote her first stories using blue composition books she commandeered from school and  a journal kept well hidden. As a lover of sport, she chose to earn her master's degree in sports business management. She has used both degrees together for more than thirty years.  


Katz wrote her debut novel, a life revealed, in 2009. After a long break from publishing, she is returning with the release of its second edition in May 2022. The second book in the series, Hiding in the Open will be released in spring 2023. After a life revealed was published, it was picked up by Barnes and Noble for in-store sales and subsequently ranked 221 on the Barnes and Noble list.   

Katz launched Suzi Katz Books, a boutique publishing house dedicated to exploring the lives of young adults and the complicated choices they face each day.  


As a working mother, volunteer, and passionate advocate, Suzi Katz focuses her energy on helping individuals in her local community and nationally, donating thousands of volunteer hours. Her most beloved program is the Pat Carter Winter Festival, a hands-on program she created more than 20 years ago benefitting the Salvation Army Women and Children’s Shelter. Since its inception, the Winter Festival has reached hundreds of women and children living in the shelter.  


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